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Where, or how, do I begin when first starting out?

The best ways to start is by gathering as much information as possible from books and sites on the internet such as ours! Here at Casino-check.com you'll find all the resources necessary to begin playing online. Check out the categories located on our menu to the left which provide information on a number of important and key topics. Once you've received such an introduction, you'll be well on your way to begin playing at any number of the online casinos which we recommend and even have the opportunity to play for free initially and become acquainted with the games before spending any money!

Is online gambling legal?
The answer to this question (and often, no definitive answer exists) depends on a number of factors including: the type of games/activities you wish to participate in; where you're playing from; and, which site you're playing with. Different countries and provinces have different laws applying to online gambling and online casinos and here at GamblingPlanet.org we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the respective laws in your region before playing. For many countries, most online casino activities are indeed legal for most citizens. While laws are vague at times regarding different localities and activities, you can be sure that age-limits ALWAYS apply and more importantly, ignorance of the law(s) is never an excuse to break it. In any case, please visit our legality section for information on this subject.

Do I need to obtain certain software? If so, is there any danger of picking up a virus?

There is a difference between web-based casinos and download-based casinos. Some casinos operate entirely with web-based programs; however, it is far more common for casinos to require a download of their software before playing and the quality of these games is usually far more enhanced. In general, this software is reliable and safe and there are signs and indications to verify the safety and integrity of these sites and their software. Anytime you're online you should always be using a anti-virus/internet security program of some sort and participation in online casinos and online gambling is no exception. This offers another form of protection or assurance against any possibility of downloading corrupt software and/or a virus. However, so long as you stick to reliable and trustworthy sites, and verify that this is the case; there is relatively nothing to fear regarding the downloading of software.

What type of online casino, or which one, should I choose when starting out?

This depends on what you're looking for! There are hundreds of online casinos and each has their own 'gimmick' or theme, different choice of games, different bonus deals, and different strengths and weaknesses. Look for casinos that proudly display signs of their integrity (the presence of independent auditors for example) and ones with solid reputations. Visit our reviews section for more information and a good selection of reliable and safe casinos each of which offers different opportunities and different attractions.

How popular is online gambling?

Online gambling has witnessed an explosion in popularity over the past decade. It is estimated that nearly 12 million people have placed wagers online at some point and that more than 5 million Americans gamble online regularly. Furthermore, women and citizens from outside the US and the UK are participating more and more and online casinos are continuing to increase in number and their traffic levels rise everyday. Check out some of the editorials on our site for an illustration of the online gaming industry's increased popularity.

Is online gambling safe? Are online casinos reliable? How can I tell?


Online gambling is as safe, if not safer, than its land-based counterpart so long as you take the proper precautions. Before playing at any online casino, check for signs (usually displayed on their main page(s) in the form of icons or links to security information) indicating that site's subscription or use of integrity-guarantors. Check for sites that have conducted independent audits, use top-notch security software, and that have received favorable feedback and reviews from their clients and customers. Online casinos want to attract customers and to do so, they need to assure their clients that their site is trustworthy and will provide a quality (safe) experience. The casinos reviewed on our site all meet these criteria and you should be wary of any site that doesn't and/or doesn't display or possess such security-assurance characteristics.

How much money do I need to begin?

Honestly, sometimes it's a better idea to begin with no money at all and play the games for free which allows you to build-up experience and knowledge of the rules before placing any wagers. Most casinos allow this and you should take advantage of it (this is one of the advantages of playing online!). Otherwise, in general you can start out with as little money as you'd like but you should also pay attention the bonus opportunities for deposits of larger amounts. Most casinos, in an effort to attract customers, offer very lucrative bonuses (free money!) for first-time players and this is always a benefit. As with any bet you ever place, however, only play with what you can afford and what you're comfortable with potentially losing. Remember: it's ONLINE, there's nobody to impress. Play to enjoy!

Is there a way to learn more BEFORE I actually play and contribute money?

YES! Most casinos, and the ones we recommend that you begin with, offer the opportunity to play their games for free before depositing any money. This enables to become familiar with the speed, rules, etiquette, etc. beforehand and will ultimately make your gambling experience more comfortable and successful later. After that, there are even games you can play where the wagers are comprised of pennies and small change which, yet again, helps to build experience and provide a level of familiarity that will be very valuable later.

After I've won, how do I obtain my winnings?

Different casinos have different procedures. Some simply credit your account while many may issue cheques, bank drafts, and/or wires - all of which are popular options. Others meanwhile may require a PIN that you receive via regular post before being able to make a withdrawal. Make sure you read each casino's policies before depositing any money online and definitely verify that their customer service (reputable casinos all offer 24/7 customer service options) is available if you were to have any problems.

Where can I find help or suggestions regarding strategies and rules?

Once again, sites like ratgebercasino.com are a great source of information! Visit our strategies and rules sections of the various games for more information on these topics.

What types of games are available online?

The range of choices is absolutely enormous. Most casinos offer at least 20-30 games while several offer over 75. Basically, any game you can find in a land-based casino will also be available online and more often than not, in several varieties.

How can I be sure the software, the casino, or some 'robot' isn't cheating me?

As always, choosing only to play at reputable and trustworthy casinos is the best way to ensure the integrity of the game you're playing. These casinos all employ software which is security-tested and their payout percentages and profits are verified independently and published publicly. Remember, a casino wouldn't stay in business if no one EVER won at their site. And, you can verify the payouts they've made and the consistency of their operations in multiple ways.

If I encounter a problem, is it possible to talk to a 'live' person?

YES. Most online casinos offer live 24-hour support 7 days a week. At 'good' sites this support is readily available, easy to find, and very helpful when contacted. If you ever have a problem, don't hesitate to contact someone. Remember, these sites are interested in retaining customers and customer service is a major part of their operations. Take advantage of it when necessary!

If I think I, or someone else, have developed a personal problem, or addiction, where can I turn for help?

While gambling, and especially its online variety, is meant to be an enjoyable activity and approached with moderation, there is always the possibility of becoming 'hooked' and/or making dangerous wagers which end up harming either the person involved, people close to them, or both. This is a very serious problem and possibility and EVERYONE should become familiar with its causes, symptoms, and effects, BEFORE they begin gambling anywhere. If you think that you or anyone you know may be developing a problem, it's always best to attack it BEFORE it becomes too serious and BEFORE people get hurt! Visit the gambling addiction section on our site for more info about this problem and links to sources of help and more materials.


Troubleshooting / Casino Blank Screen

If you only see a blank screen and/or cannot see the casino games, or it just doesn't look complete, it means that your browser is not Java enabled. The problem could be one of this:

1)You are probably using AOL as your main browser. The solution is to minimize the AOL window, and open an external browser. Internet Explorer or Netscape for example. If you don't have Internet Explorer or Netscape, just click on the icons on the download center below to get the new version of this browsers.

2) You may be using a very old browser version of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. The solution is to click on the icons on the download center below to download the new version of these browsers.








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